Easy ways to go from trendy to educational by School Sparks

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Turn one of the trendiest new craft activities for kids: The Rainbow Loom into something educational too!

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Building and playing with our free tube blocks and where you can find them too

Find out about our new and free tube blocks for preschool. An amazing and versatile new addition tool for play in our classroom!

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Discovery Bottles (K – O)

More on the A-Z’s of Discovery Bottles. Discover how to incorporate nature and kid-friendly toys into your discovery bottles!

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Top ten toys for the preschool classroom

With so many things on your wish list, it can be hard to narrow down and remember everyone in the process. These lists of Top Toys may be just the help you need!

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Light table explorations

Exploring the light table doesn’t have to be complicated or all planned out. Everyday things in the classroom are just as fun too!

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Our play dough is under construction in preschool

We pulled out the play dough and accessories but our construction workers had a better idea…

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P is for potato head in preschool

This week the children had fun making potato heads…. In the block center the children played with some potato heads… Here are a few more of the potato head masterpieces I found hanging up in the classroom… For more activities to do with potatoes click on the links below…. Growing Potatoes from Polwig Play Dough […]

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