Thanksgiving: Fun Friday features

Last week our fellow bloggers shared some awesome Thanksgiving activities in the Discover and Explore linky.  Today I'm sharing four different ways to make "gratitude trees" or "thankful trees."  These trees are a fun way for children to express their thoughts of thankfulness... Mrs. O'Daniels shared these colorful thankful trees that her children made for their grandparents... Adventures in Wunderland shared this really sweet handprint thankful tree… Makeovers and Motherhood shared a printable template for their thankfulness trees... [...]

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Planning a Thanksgiving feast

Every November, we celebrate Thanksgiving in our classroom in much the same way other classrooms around the country do: by having a Thanksgiving feast.  Today, I'd like to share with you the preparations that take place before our big celebration... The first thing we must do when preparing for our feast is to plan our menu... We must then begin to prepare our food.  We go out in search of the perfect turkey... And then [...]

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