Spinning up circles

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For our art experience, the children spent time with the amazing process of spinning up circles in our preschool classroom.

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Teaching in the Digital Age: Using Audio Recording to Capture Powerful Moments

Audio recordings in the preschool classroom is an excellent way to assess and support learning. Come and learn more about audio recordings as we check out chapter 4 of “Teaching in the Digital Age”.

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What does STEM look like in preschool and what is STEM anyway?

Exploring the term STEM and its use in early learning along with Rae Pica, Lilian Katz, and Sherri Killins.

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Teaching in the Digital Age | Book Study

Come and join in this wonderful summer books study with me and my fellow bloggers!

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A National Screen-Free Week checklist

Find out what you can do to promote a screen-free week in your home or classroom!

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Writing with light and shadows

Exploring light and shadows with an overhead projector in the preschool classroom.

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Using interactive now!Board technology in preschool and a give-away!

Using the new now!Board with preschoolers. This is a new and more affordable version of interactive whiteboard technology. Come and read more then enter the $100 LR gift-card give-away too!

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Integrating technology into the preschool classroom

I must admit that as much as I excel in the use of technology when it comes to my own professional needs, I am terrible at incorporating technology into the classroom. But lately, I have been observing and evaluating the use of technology and its importance to the preschool children of today… My daughter has […]

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Books and technology in the preschool classroom

I recently read a blog article posted by my new friend Matt at “Look at my Happy Rainbow” titled “Pop Up.” Matt shared with his readers how much his Kindergarten age children still enjoy books – even Pop Up books. I was even kind of surprised at this and then he showed a picture of […]

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