Tracing letters, numbers, and shapes on the flannel board

This idea may look very simple, and it is, but it has been one of the best tools for giving my students a little practice in tracing letters or shapes (we haven’t tried it with numbers yet) in my classroom!

DIY: A homemade sensory table and tinker table

Last week my husband got highly motivated and built me some new furniture for my outdoor classroom. He built me a sensory table... And what I call a tinker table... And a stand-alone plexiglass window (which I will share more on tomorrow)... The dimensions on the tinker table and the sensory table are the same. I am going to do my best to tell you how they were built but I am not familiar with [...]

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Sorting it all out in preschool

We have been doing some serious color sorting this past week and as you know, serious play leads to serious learning... To review colors, we put together color sorting trays. This tray was a box used to hold crayons by the bulk and it made a perfect sorting tray. We simply added laminated color cards in the bottom of each section that can be removed in case we want to do a different kind of [...]

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