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Roll up piano keyboard for the music center

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Having a full piano or even a large keyboard isn’t always possible unless you have something as cool as this rollup piano in preschool!

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15 Fabulous fingerplays and facts

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Having a set of fingerplays in your toolbox of teaching skills is a must do for anyone working in an early childhood environment.

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Discount School Supply multi-use learning easel give-away

Multi-use easel

Get ready for a new school year by entering to win the Discount School Supply Multi-Use Learning Easel!

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Five fun ways to teach with tape

Teaching with Tape

Introducing five fun ways teachers can use tape in the preschool classroom to promote learning and play!

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Squeezable and colorful water play

Exploring squeezable colored water play fun in preschool!

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Setting up the preschool classroom is always a work in progress

The process of setting up a preschool classroom continues to be a work in progress!

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The tools we write with in preschool

Use a variety of tools to help children build their writing skills!

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DIY: Make your own flannel board for preschool

Making your own flannel board for preschool is simple and it is a great tool for teaching young children!

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DIY: A homemade sensory table and tinker table

Last week my husband got highly motivated and built me some new furniture for my outdoor classroom. He built me a sensory table… And what I call a tinker table… And a stand-alone plexiglass window (which I will share more on tomorrow)… The dimensions on the tinker table and the sensory table are the same. […]

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Sorting it all out in preschool

We have been doing some serious color sorting this past week and as you know, serious play leads to serious learning… To review colors, we put together color sorting trays. This tray was a box used to hold crayons by the bulk and it made a perfect sorting tray. We simply added laminated color cards […]

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Five graphing tips you can use with preschoolers

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Organizing your teacher bag for preschool

I think I have hundreds teacher bags laying around. I get them from all sorts of places but mostly from conferences I attend. Several months ago, I shared how we organize our teaching materials for the week. My main purpose in using a teacher bag is to make transitions between activities go smoothly and to […]

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Exploring measuring tools in preschool

These preschoolers enjoyed the opportunity to explore measuring tools to do a little counting and comparing.

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Our favorite ways to glue in preschool

Gluing with Cotton Swabs Cotton swabs make a quick and easy way of adding glue to art activities – when you are done, just throw the swabs away. The drawback is that if you use one swab too long, it gets kinds of stringy so you need to have plenty of fresh swabs around to […]

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If you send a preschool teacher to buy a gallon of milk…

You know you are hooked on preschool when you just can’t think about anything else.

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Building connections to math, art, and more through children’s literature

When I am at a loss as to what to do in my preschool classroom, I always sit down and start thumbing through all my children’s books. As I read through my collection of children’s books, my mind begins to swirl with all the ways each book can be extended throughout my curriculum content. I […]

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