How you can help young children go ‘beyond coping’ when it comes to stress

This wonderful Bam Radio discussion titled, "Stressed Out Kids, Parents, Teachers, How to Cope" is brought to you by Rae Pica, Dr. Megan R. Gunnar, Ellen Galinsky, and me.  I could really sit and listen to these ladies talk all day. Just listening to the wealth of information they bring to the table helps me to relax! Rae Pica with Dr. Megan R. Gunnar, Ellen Galinsky, Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. Take a listen to the radio show [...]

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An earth day poem: What do you see?

I wrote this little earth day poem based on the story "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Bill Martin Jr. and  Eric Carle. Teacher, teacher what do you see? I see lady bugs, sorting, and counting games looking at me.... Teacher, teacher what do you see? I see paper animals, trees, flowers, and instruments looking at me... Teacher, teacher what do you see? I see bowling pins, spy games, and painting tools [...]

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Our favorite ways to glue in preschool

Gluing with Cotton Swabs Cotton swabs make a quick and easy way of adding glue to art activities - when you are done, just throw the swabs away. The drawback is that if you use one swab too long, it gets kinds of stringy so you need to have plenty of fresh swabs around to replace the ooey gooey ones. Give the glue bottle a little squeeze Exercise fine motor skills by giving glue bottles [...]

Sharing things from home with your preschool classroom

Every teacher brings unique and special gifts to their students and every student will apply these gifts in their own unique and special way. Teachers often have brilliant ideas and things from home they want to share with their students. Over the summer, this class had been talking about seashells and under the see creatures. Their teacher had a beautiful collection of seashells that she had been collecting over the years and she brought them [...]