You can’t have too many carrots!

You can’t have too many carrots unless you are the rabbit in the super sweet and funny picture book “Too Many Carrots” by Katy Hudson.

You Can't Have Too Many Carrots by Teach Preschool

Too Many Carrots” by Katy Hudson is a book about a rabbit who has too many carrots and can’t fit them all in his house. He decides he needs to find a new home for him and his carrots. This book is about friendship, homes, spacial awareness, carrots, animals and the list could go on. It is a beautifully illustrated book with simple text and a great story to read aloud. I posed for the photo below so you could check out the cover of the book…

You Can't Have Too Many Carrots by Teach Preschool

After reading the book, I invited each of my students to “plant” a carrot top to see if a new stem would grow…

You Can't Have Too Many Carrots by Teach Preschool

The children started by pouring a tiny amount of water in the dish…

You Can't Have Too Many Carrots by Teach Preschool

Then simply set the upper part of the root of the carrot in the water stem-side up…

You Can't Have Too Many Carrots by Teach Preschool

This was a process my students could handle easily. They have been pouring water, juice, and other all school year long all by themselves…

You Can't Have Too Many Carrots by Teach Preschool

The stem of the carrots should start to grow in about a week (see diagram below) if I actually did this right. We will soon see what happens!

You Can't Have Too Many Carrots by Teach Preschool

Oh and by the way, you really can’t have too many carrots in preschool. We had carrots everywhere today and still plenty of room for us all!

You Can't Have Too Many Carrots by Teach Preschool

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Popsicle watercolor paint for preschool

We are nearing the end of our school year so I have been taking a little time each day to review some of the basic concepts we have explored all year long through our play and creative experiences. This painting process was all about color and since popsicles come in all the best and brightest colors, they make wonderful watercolor paints!

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

Before I continue on, I want to apologize for not writing as regularly as I normally do. I find that my focus and energy has had to be a little more on my grandchildren and my own preschool right now and getting time to write has been hard to do. So this summer, I will be sharing many of the things we have done over the past few weeks and believe me, we have been super busy doing so many wonderful things. I look forward to sharing them with you. So for today, let’s talk about Popsicle paint…

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

I probably have 150 photos of this process because the children spent so much time exploring the process so it is going to be tough for me to narrow down which photos to share with you in this one post.  To begin with, I purchased a couple of bags of popsicles and used them all throughout the classroom. I will share our other experiences over the next few days. I set the popsicles out on the art table with scissors, a paint tray, paper towels, and pipettes…

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

Before painting with our popsicle watercolor paint, we opened a few and talked about how the popsicles smell. Of course they smell sweet and delicious which meant our artwork would have a sweet and delicious smell too…

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

Then the children cut open the popsicles and poured the contents into our plastic container. The children had to think about which section of the container would be for which color and work together to make sure each color went into its own space. We had seven colors of popsicles: pink, green, purple, red, yellow, blue, and orange…

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

Once the children had all the popsicle water color paint poured out and sorted by color, then they were ready to get painting. We used a good quality  brand of paper towels to paint on because popsicle watercolor paint is runny and the paper towels will absorb the water better and still highlight the beautiful colors of the paint…

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

In our first round of using popsicle water color paint, the children just explored the process without drawing any lines on their paper towels. They used the pipettes to drip and blend colorful designs on their paper towel…

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

On the second round (later in the afternoon), I invited the children to now draw a picture with a black permanent marker on the paper towel and use the popsicle water color paint to fill in the spaces and add color to their drawings…

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

The drawings added a new dimension of creativity to the process of using our water color paint but both processes (with and without drawings) were beautiful in design and color…

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

Each child’s drawing and water color painting experience was unique and absolutely beautiful…

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

You may be wondering if the paint is sticky. I suppose it can be but we didn’t find our hands or paper towels to be sticky at all or if they were, it was very slight. We also found that the paint smelled great on the paper towel while it was still wet but once it dries, it has very little smell. Once our children finished their paintings, we set them out in our drying racks to dry over night. The next day, they were a nice stiff texture and the the color was still very bright and beautiful…

Popsicle Paint by Teach Preschool

Popsicle water color paint is such an amazing product to promote conversation about color, taste, and smell! Oh, and of course, I had to make a few of my own paintings because these paints are simply irresistible!…

Oops Water Relay Game2071

Oops Water Relay Game2142

Stay tuned for more great ways to explore these bright and colorful popsicles!

Available on Amazon

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Five senses discover and explore kit

This week our Discover and Explore team has chosen to share with you simple activities you can do to promote and talk about the five senses…

Five Senses Discover and Explore Kit by Teach Preschool

In my classroom, we explored the five senses in a variety of ways but the children really enjoyed exploring my DIY five senses kit. Mrs. Courtney gave me the brilliant idea of saving these plastic containers with the dividers (mine had fruit or veggies in them) for things like collage materials and sorting games and paint holders. Since the containers come with a lid, I can prepare them ahead of time and set them out as needed…

Five Senses Discover and Explore Kit by Teach Preschool

I decided to take two of my saved containers and make two five senses kits for my class to discover and explore. I filled each container with…

  • Smell: A smelly fall candle
  • Taste: Mini-Boxes of Raisins (enough for each child to have one)
  • Touch/Feel: Sand paper and Carpet Scraps
  • Sound: A windup egg timer
  • Sight: A few gems and mini-magnifying glasses

And I put a label for each of the five senses inside each compartment of the kit…

Five Senses Discover and Explore Kit by Teach Preschool

I never know if my students will find something like this fun or not so I was super excited to see a group of children exploring the materials all throughout the morning. There was never a time when the materials were not being explored and some of the children asked me questions about the materials like, “What is this soft thing in here?” so I could explain  “It is a piece of carpet for you to feel with your sense of touch.”…

Five Senses Discover and Explore Kit by Teach Preschool

The items that got the least attention were my candles so perhaps putting something a little more interesting in place of the candles would be smart…

Five Senses Discover and Explore Kit by Teach Preschool

The favorite senses to explore were taste (since everyone got a box of raisins) and sound (the children loved playing with the egg timers) with the magnifiers coming in at a close third…

Five Senses Discover and Explore Kit by Teach Preschool

Stick around and check out all the other Five Senses ideas shared below…. Available on Amazon


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The exploration of taste

We are always exploring with all of our senses in our classroom but to give each of our senses a little more emphasis, we recently read the book titled, “My Five Senses” by Aliki…

This book takes a simple look at each of the five senses and is a wonderful book to expand on in all areas of the classroom. The interesting thing about the sense of taste is that we tend to tell the children that we taste with our “mouth” or the children tend to tell me that they taste with their mouth. This book does a great job of reminding us that actually, we taste with our tongue…

After reading our book about Five Senses, the children joined me to bake up a few cookies…

To make our cookies, the children rolled out refrigerated cookie dough and then used cookie cutters to make different shapes in the dough…

The exploration of Taste by Teach Preschool

The children loved making their own cookies and I thought it would be fun for them to paint the cookies with egg white paint but the egg white paint didn’t turn out quite like I thought it would (we have no egg allergies in this group of children)…

The children didn’t seem to mind though so we painted up some cookies and put them all on a pan anyway…

The children also struggled with getting the cookie cutters to cut the refrigerated dough.  Well, they could cut it okay but taking it out of the cookie cutter proved to be a very big challenge so our cookies looked like blobs in the end. A few of them held their shape though…

Each child had their own piece of foil with their name on it to keep their cookies on. We baked the cookies that the children cut out on their own pieces of foil and the rest of the cookies were baked directly on the cookie sheets…

So our cookies didn’t quite turn out as I imagined they would but the process was very interesting and fun for the children and the cookies came out of the oven just in time for snack…

Now all we had left to do was use our tongues to taste the cookies and then we were ready to eat them all up!

The cookies may not look all that great but they tasted yummy!

Available on Amazon

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We explored our five senses in preschool: taste

This past week the children explored their sense of touchtastesmellsight, and hearing. Let me show you what the children found in the “sense of taste” discovery center…

The children tasted different kinds of fruit such as apples, pears, oranges, peaches, and we also tried pickles.

Some of the children flat refused to taste a pickle. They thought that the pickles would be sour but we had bread and butter pickles. The children who did taste the pickles didn’t quite know what to think of this unusual flavor.

A new fruit was tasted each day and the children placed a mark on the yes-no chart each day to show if they liked the fruit or not.

The teacher also played a guessing game with the children. The children closed their eyes and then used their sense of smell or taste to guess the name of each piece of fruit. Of course, all the children peaked first:)

The children also described the different tastes with words such as sour and sweet.

See this fruit guessing game by House of Baby Piranha!

I have linked this post to the Play Academy!

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