Beautiful butterfly fold-overs

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Our children love to create fold-over paintings. So it was no surprise that they all really enjoyed making these beautiful butterfly fold-overs to decorate our classroom.

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From maps to mazes and amazing teamwork

Have you ever noticed the similarities between road maps and mazes? We are exploring the connection between the two this week in preschool.

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How to make a simply amazing maze for play

Check out this tutorial on how to make a simple large box maze that will invite your preschoolers to play!

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Counting straws on the sticky board in preschool

We created a simple sticky board for a little straw counting and designing in preschool!

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We used a glue gun today to create in prek!

We made glue gun straw art today in pre-k!

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Making the art process easier isn’t always the right choice in preschool

As part of a transportation unit, the children in this class explored how the flow of wind helps a hot air balloon move across the sky. To build on the concept of wind, the children tried a little blow-painting on their hot air balloons… The children put a spoonful of paint on their paper balloons then […]

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Polk-a-dots and straws in preschool

Straws are not just for drinks! They are for painting too! Come and see our polk-a-dot straw paintings!!

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Using straws to create AB patterns

Making simple AB patterns in preschool.

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