Egg carton stamping and counting in preschool

We painted with egg carton stampers in preschool!

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Making ink stamps for the preschool classroom

Make your own foam block ink stamps for preschool.

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Rubber ducky stamping in preschool

I love digging through the activity boxes that our curriculum coordinator puts together and today she had this fun little rubber ducky box… In the box there were rubber ducks and stamp pads of various sizes and colors… I thought I would give this a try and see what happens. Rubber duckies are quite fun […]

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The Alphabet Tree and activity for preschool

Today the children explored letters with alphabet stamps and a book titled “The Alphabet Tree” by Leo Lionni This really was a very simple activity that included paper leaves, alphabet stamps, and ink pads. The teacher read the book to the children first and used this activity as a way to extend the concepts from […]

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Large group activities in preschool

Having all the children work together as a large group can prove to be a very positive experience. Together we communicate and create! Together we cooperate and collaborate!

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