St. Patrick’s Day

Rainbow collages

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We turned colorful paper scraps into beautiful rainbow collages.

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Inviting children to play in preschool

This is not a St. Patrick’s day post but I did use photos from our St. Patrick’s day activity box to start this post off so please read on…. How you set out materials on a table can make a difference in whether children will want to play with those materials or not. During St. […]

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What can your preschooler do while you make potato soup?

Here are a few potato activities to keep your preschoolers busy while you are making potato soup! Paper Potatoes This is simple but I thought it was kinds of fun… Simply cut or tear a potato shape from a brown paper bag… Set out a little green paint and make fingerprints on the potato for the […]

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Building traps to catch Lenny the Leprechaun in preschool

We are building traps for Lenny the Leprechaun who is causing all sorts of trouble in our preschool.

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