Creating a preschool art gallery

There is just something special about taking a child's artwork and adding a simple frame. It makes simple art look like fine art. I know these look like real frames but they are sheets of  paper stationary with a "framed look" around the edges. The teachers cut out the center of the paper and placed it over some of the children's artwork. Through out this summer, the children at Learning Time Preschool school have been [...]

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Fun games for a preschool carnival

Each year, the children of Learning Time Preschool celebrate the Indiana State Fair and at the end of the week they have a really cool school carnival. The teachers and administrators work together to plan games and activities that the children will enjoy. The big surprise of the day is the Large Jumping Tent! In the Rubber Ducky game, the children reach into a rubber wading pool filled with water and [...]

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Making props for the preschool program

Tonight I have been working on the props for our preschool program. One of the dances is called Caterpillar Conga and we wanted to have each boy be a part of the caterpillar. I am still choosing whether to have a polka-dotted caterpillar, circle caterpillar, or just plain green.  The boys are only three and they can hold the circles during the dance (we have practiced this). They will also have colorful knee socks on [...]

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Musical production in preschool

Each year, I have the privilege of directing a preschool musical at one of our local schools. I thought I would share a few tips about preparing preschoolers to sing or dance for their parents... To help the children know where to stand during the presentation, I mark the floor with colorful painters tape. Painter's tape is easily removed but don't leave it up too long (I remove after three to four weeks) or it can become really [...]

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