Learning with leaves

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After gathering a set of leaves, the children explored the leaves by sorting them on our table chart and making leaf confetti!

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Exploring the colorful flowers of fall

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Since our leaves haven’t changed color yet we introduced fall colors by exploring the flowers of fall and soon we will explore fall leaves.

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Simple domino math for preschoolers

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The children worked on developing their math skills as they played this simple domino game in prekindergarten.

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DIY Kleenex box (math) games

DIY Math Boxes

Exploring math with these fun do-it-yourself fun math boxes and lots of stuff saved from around the school or house!

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Sorting recyclables in preschool

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We’re celebrating Earth Day! A great way to show that we care about the Earth is by recycling. See how we sorted recyclables in preschool.

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Hearts you can count on

Hearts are a wonderful shape for sorting, graphing, counting, estimating, and more! Come and see how we put our hearts and minds to work as we explored a little heart math fun!

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Designing our own shiny gem ornament graphs

We added a little sparkle to the graphing process! Young children exploring the graphing process with the use of gems and rulers.

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Sorting through the colors of fall

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Taking a walk through our “forest” to gather up the colors of fall!

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Everyday math play in preschool

Exploring math everyday in the preschool classroom!

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Guidecraft sort and match review and giveaway

Find out how you can enter to win these two beautiful sets of Sort and Match games from Guidecraft!

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Mixing up bright and colorful M&M paint in preschool

Exploring the wonderful texture and qualities of our brightly colored self-made M&M paint in preschool.

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Exploring M&M counting and sorting in preschool

We explored bright and colorful M&M counting and color sorting in preschool!

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Preschool pizza box games

Making games from pizza boxes for my preschool students to explore!

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Our take home math bags in preschool

Our take home math bags open the door to lots of mathematical thinking in the classroom and at home!

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Outdoor nature hike collecting and sorting in preschool

By popular demand, we went on a nature hike in the woods and collected items for our sorting baskets!

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Exploring shapes on the table in preschool

A terrific and simple activity for promoting shapes sorting, matching, and patterning!

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