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Tips for building a sense of community in the preschool classroom

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At the top of your list of priorities needs to be building a sense of community in your classroom. Come and see these tips on how to build community!

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Star of the week in preschool

Star of the Week

This was our second year of implementing the “Star of the Week” in my classroom and all I can say is that I love, love, love the results of this process.

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100 Acts of kindness | Share a heartprint

Come and see this simple idea for young children to be kind and share kindness with a heartprint!

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Promoting acts of kindness in preschool

Promoting kindness in the preschool classroom…

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The spirit of giving and gift box play in preschool

Stacking boxes and learning about kindness as we read Claude the Dog in preschool today.

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Our outdoor cafe and dramatic play in preschool

Enjoying a little dramatic play in the outdoor homemade cafe!

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Making game mats for preschool

Making homemade game mats can lead to surprising learning opportunities!

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We are writing on the walls in preschool

In this classroom the children are literally writing on the walls! The bottom half of the wall is painted in chalk board paint around two whole walls of the classroom. Each of the children who have decided to write on the walls have a piece of chalk in one hand and an eraser in the […]

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Tools to promote fine motor skills in preschool

This may just look like an empty blue ice tray but if you stop and think about how it can be used to promote fine motor skills or sorting skills, the ideas are limitless. By adding a basket of small, plastic objects – this ice tray becomes a tool for both play and developing new […]

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The block center came tumbling down

When I came into observe clean-up time, I happen to notice that the block center looked like this.. Oh my! But when I pulled out my camera to take a picture of the tumbling blocks, one little boy decided he wanted in on the action. So he began to stack the blocks. And then this […]

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Large group activities in preschool

Having all the children work together as a large group can prove to be a very positive experience. Together we communicate and create! Together we cooperate and collaborate!

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Pro-social sharing and negotiation skills in preschool

I was asked by Noah of The People Garden to drum up some activities that promote pro-social sharing and negotiation skills for young children. I wanted to share this article so you could see the ideas as well. You will have to scroll down just a bit (past the very nice comments about me:) to […]

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