What’s you’re social media personality?

Exchange magazine published an article in the January/February, 2011 edition titled, "What's you're social media personality?" written by early childhood professionals, Fran Simon and Chip Donohue PhD.  In order to actually read this article you would need a subscription to the magazine so I will give you just a few of the highlights... Fran and Chip identify 5 "social media personality" types: The resistor The intimidated The personal user The tester The expert For each [...]

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Participating in a preschool leaf exchange

One of the wonderful things about online networking in early childhood education is the chance to participate in unique activities like a leaf exchange... I hadn't really thought about how not every state has a true fall season like we do here in Indiana. The leaf exchange is designed to share leaves that are common in your home state with others from other states. A common leaf that can be found in the state of [...]

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The responsible early childhood education blogger

I was recently invited to be a commentator for an online talk show produced by Bam Radio. The focus of this segment was on "The Benefits and Risks of Social Networking for Educators" and I had the pleasure of participating in the discussion along with Fran Simon and Jen Hegna. You can listen to the 15 minute recording by clicking on the link above. I found the discussion both informative and interesting but what stood [...]