Two second snow science

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This simple winter science is just one example of keeping busy during the cold arctic days of a winter blast here in the midwest!

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Making our mark in the snow

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We are always looking for new and interesting ways to explore snow in our classroom. This one really hits the mark!

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More ways to celebrate winter

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We are highlighting some of the best winter posts shared in the latest Discover and Explore linky!

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Let it snow

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Winter has come early for us and we are embracing the snow with fun indoor and outdoor activities!

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10 simple snowman activities

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As winter draws near, it is a good idea to begin planning for colder weather activities. We have 10 fun and simple snowmen activities to share.

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Catch a falling snowflake

Have you ever taken the time to truly examine a snowflake? That’s exactly what we did when we tried to catch a falling snowflake in preschool.

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Winter Wonderland: Snowman in a Bag

Exploring how snow melts and turns into water with this fun and simple snowman in a bag science activity!

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Winter time tour around the preschool classroom

Lots of things happening all around the preschool classroom! Hop on over and see what they are!

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Cotton ball blizzard in a box

Before the real snow started to fall, our class discovered that a surprisingly fun substitute for snow turned out to be three bags full of large, fluffy cotton balls. Cotton balls certainly don’t have all the qualities of real snow but they are white, fluffy, and do a nice job promoting conversation and pretend play when used to create a cotton ball blizzard in a box…

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Snowman sensory puzzle

Having fun exploring snow with this sensory based puzzle and fine motor play process!

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Snowman in a bottle

Next week, I will be sharing a series on discovery bottles as my part of the Kid Blogging Network series titled “The ABC’s of…”.  This series will run all throughout the week of January 7th through January 11th and there are tons of bloggers who will be sharing all kinds of posts from the ABC’s […]

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Snow painting with a toddler

Exploring snow at home with a toddler may look a little different than what happens in the preschool classroom but the opportunity is much the same.

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Exploring things that are not alike in preschool

No two snowflakes are alike: A wonderful book and snowflake activity for preschoolers to enjoy!

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Snow globe sensory play in preschool

Exploring snow globes with this fun sensory play activity!

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Preschoolers like driving through a snow storm

I didn’t really have a plan for this activity and it isn’t something that will probably get hung up on the refrigerator but Wy had a terrific time with it… I set out a sheet of black construction paper and put a few dots of white paint on the paper. I told Wy that we […]

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