shave cream

Gingerbread house shadow box

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We found a way to make a gingerbread house with candy and all and the best part is, even my youngest preschoolers could do it all by themselves!

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Stirring up colorful designs through sensory coloring

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The children had fun using jumbo sized crayons to stir up a colorful design through sensory coloring!

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A very simple invitation to sensory play

Exploring shave cream sensory play with a two year old and understanding what is most important along the way…

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Everyday shave cream play

Exploring many wonderful sensory experiences through shave cream play including the addition of some water beads!

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Shave cream sensory painting in our preschool classroom

Exploring shave cream paint on the window easel in preschool..

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The shave cream table is irresistible in preschool

I wish everyone could have seen the delight in this little girl’s face as she was playing in the shave cream today… Shave cream play was one of several activities the teacher had out on the classroom tables to explore… But this little girl just kept going back to the shave cream table… Once she […]

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Puffy ice cream cones in preschool

Puffy Ice cream cones are the best! See how to make your own!

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