Simple sewing jars

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We have been introducing several types of sewing processes into the mix of things we do in our classroom and these simple sewing jars have been a nice way to introduce the basic concept of sewing to our little ones… The jars are clear plastic jars that I picked up over the summer from the […]

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Small hands creating hope: sewing up hope

Come and see how you can make a difference and along the way, learn how to make a sewing canvas…

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DIY sewing frame for preschoolers

Working on our sewing skills with our DIY sewing frame and some yarn in preschool!

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My busy book: sewing

Sewing can be a challenge for any preschooler so I have tried to simplify the process a bit and add it to a busy book… For sewing cards – I had some sheets of cardboard that I saved from something my husband got in the mail. You could cut up cereal boxes as well. Then […]

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