Let’s make pumpkin seed soup!

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Exploring pumpkins and then having fun exploring the seeds with pumpkin seed soup!

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Bumpy ball painting

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Around here you can find bumpy balls at just about any store. I picked up six bumpy balls from the Dollar Tree for some bumpy ball painting!

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Cooking in the classroom

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We recently spent a morning exploring different types of fruit.  With that fruit, we created a delicious rainbow fruit salad.  What we learned is that cooking in the classroom is about so much more than just measuring, slicing, and pouring.  It can be a multi-sensory experience… To begin our morning, we read a delightful story […]

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Stirring up alphabet sensory soup

As a review of the letters and their sounds, the children stirred up some alphabet soup.

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Snakes for snack

We’ve recently learned that the letter S makes the “ssss” sound like a slithering snake. To reinforce our new letter sound, we made snakes for snack.

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Lemon drop painting

Surely there is nothing that could brighten a cold winter day more than lemon drop painting. Come and see how we brightened our day with Lemon Drop Painting and more!

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