Sensory Play

O is for orange juice water play

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We have been having loads of playing in our orange juice water table!

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Exploring raindrops and clouds in preschool

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The weather helper informed us that today’s weather was definitely going to be cold and rainy making it a perfect day to explore raindrops and clouds at our sensory table.

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Building life skills with lid soup!

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Be sure to keep saving up those lids because you will need lots of them for lid soup waterplay!

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Pumpkin seed soup

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Exploring the wonderful smell of pumpkin spice and feel of pumpkin seeds through the simple water play experience of making pumpkin seed soup!

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Stirring up colorful designs through sensory coloring

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The children had fun using jumbo sized crayons to stir up a colorful design through sensory coloring!

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Exploring textured water play

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When a preschooler is in the “play zone” it is best to let him explore without interruption! Exploring textured water play is just the ticket for getting your child into the play zone!

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One-inch sandbox play

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This simple one-inch sand-play experience invites a different kind of sand play. Affordable and Simple to set-up and open ended too!

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One-inch water play

One Inch Water Play

I rarely meet a preschool age child that doesn’t enjoy water play. Although any kind of water play ultimately leads to wet kids, the benefits of water play far outweigh the hassle of mopping up wet floors or changing out wet clothing…

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A very simple invitation to sensory play

Exploring shave cream sensory play with a two year old and understanding what is most important along the way…

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Make and play with Venus Fly Traps

Venus Fly Trap

Making and playing with the most unusual yet fun plant: the Venus Fly Trap in preschool!

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Booking across the USA : Indiana

Come and explore Indiana then scroll on down to check the other posts being shared by my fellow bloggers about their own states in “Booking Across the USA!”

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Twelve rainbows for kids to create and explore

Twelve wonderful and irresistible rainbow ideas for kids to create and explore!

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Measuring and creating with colored spaghetti

We continued our fun day of exploration by measuring colored spaghetti noodles.

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Snowman sensory puzzle

Having fun exploring snow with this sensory based puzzle and fine motor play process!

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Everyday holiday play in the preschool classroom

Take time for play all throughout the holiday season!

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Scientific discoveries : I wonder what is in inside a gourd?

Check out our latest scientific discovery in preschool as we explored the question: “What is inside a gourd?”

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