We made a shapely Santa in preschool

While having fun with holiday arts and crafts, we also used the opportunity to review our shapes… We reviewed triangles and circles by making a Santa puppet from construction paper… The children simply added a triangular shaped hat, some eyeballs… Some of the children really like those eyeballs… And of course, we added cotton balls […]

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We made Santa in preschool!

We made all kinds of Santas this past month. I wasn’t able to catch all the action but I did catch some… These little ones colored a paper bag with red markers… Then the glued on construction paper eyes and a hat… And added cotton balls for Santa’s beard and one for the tip of […]

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What does Santa like to do?

While waiting around for Christmas, Santa likes to… Ring the jingle bells… Play with Legos… Play computer games… And talk to his teacher… But mostly, Santa likes to dance and sing with all his friends! “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

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