Adding to the science and nature center in preschool

Lately, I have been trying to find items to add to our science centers. Filling baskets in the science center is an ongoing effort. I am trying to use items that I find already available in our school and so I have been searching through the old materials in the school storage area... As you can see, there is room for a few more baskets so I keep working on it a little each week. Last [...]

Digging up dinosaurs in preschool

It doesn't matter how old the preschoolers are, they all seem to equally enjoy digging up dinosaurs... For one of our activity boxes this week, we set out a container of sand with dinosaurs, spoons, cups, shells, and magnifying glasses. The goal was to try and create a dinosaur landscape for the children to explore through sand play... This activity was never just sitting at a table being ignored. There was always someone who wanted [...]

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