DIY chalk rocks for preschool

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While I am on a DIY rock making mission, I thought I would share my DIY chalk rocks with you!

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Sink or Float: an exploration with nature

Sink or Float

Exploring the concept of floating vs. sinking with the help of nature items we collected around our preschool!

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Our Earth rocks: a pour painting activity

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To continue our celebration of Earth day we created Earth-inspired pour painted rocks!

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Rockin’ drawings

Our children created some rockin’ drawings out of just a few simple materials.

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Creating colorful rocks in preschool

We read the delightful little story You be You by Linda Kranz and enjoyed creating our own colorful rocks in preschool.

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How we can explore rocks in preschool

We recently spent a day playing, creating, and learning with rocks. Come along as we discover all the ways we can explore rocks in preschool.

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Making nature paint to explore the colors and textures of nature

A fun way to combine the exploration of nature with the painting process…

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Exploring story stones in preschool

Our class LOVES story stones!

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Making story stones in preschool

We made awesome story stones in preschool.

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Rock climbing with a three year old

When my little nephew Wy comes over, I learn to view things in and outside of my house with new eyes… Everyday, I drive past these rocks that are out in my front yard and don’t really give them much thought. My husband put them in the yard as a landscaping feature and I have […]

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Exploring spring sensory play with preschoolers

When I fill a sensory table, I usually have everything already in it that I think the children would like to play with but today, I just set out set out different items for Tristan to choose from… I set out a basket of rocks, some colorful green rice, a pile  of plastic bugs, paint […]

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