Bubbles, bubbles

Bubbles are the quintessential children's toy!  They are inexpensive, easy to find, and can provide hours of entertainment.  Bubbles are a wonderful multi-sensory activity.  Today I'm sharing 10 ways to explore bubbles in your home or classroom... Let's begin with the bubble blowing basics.  You will need some sort of bubble solution.  You can buy your own bubbles by the gallon or you can make your own bubbles.  You will see a few recipes in [...]

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Craft recipes every preschool teacher should know

Each photo below will take you to a great craft recipe that you will want to hang onto! Mama Jenn: Colored Rice Delicious Ambiguity: Sensory Bottles Crunchy and Green: Salt Art Preschool-What Fun We Have: Flour Finger Paint Centers and Circle Time: Pastel Colored Rice Pink and Green Mama: Cornstarch Sidewalk Paint Quirky Mamma: Bubble Art Delicious Ambiguity: Rainbow Science [...]

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