Bubbles, bubbles

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Bubbles are the quintessential children’s toy!  They are inexpensive, easy to find, and can provide hours of entertainment.  Bubbles are a wonderful multi-sensory activity.  Today I’m sharing 10 ways to explore bubbles in your home or classroom… Let’s begin with the bubble blowing basics.  You will need some sort of bubble solution.  You can buy […]

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G is for [sugar] glass

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Sugar glass looks and feels almost like real glass only it is made purely of sugar. I prepared several batches of sugar glass to take to preschool and explore.

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Reading Jan Brett and making our own gingerbread playdough

Reading the wonderfully illustrated book “Gingerbread Friends” by Jan Brett and making the best smelling gingerbread playdough ever!

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Fun with puffy paint and cupcakes in preschool

Making puffy paint icing for our paper cupcakes in preschool.

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Easy recipe for slime brought to you by our preschoolers

Making slime with an easy “secret” recipe with our preschoolers!

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Craft recipes every preschool teacher should know

Each photo below will take you to a great craft recipe that you will want to hang onto!

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