Exploring our DIY rainbow rocks in preschool

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I enjoy filling our outdoor classroom with all kinds of interesting things for the children to explore and one of my latest additions was a set of DIY rainbow rocks.

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DIY rainbow loom musical instruments

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At just about every store I walk into, there is a set of these brightly colored rubber bands designed for a loom. See how we put our rubber bands to good use in our preschool classroom!

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Rainbow swirl paint

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Exploring the process of blending colors with our simple version of rainbow swirl paint!

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Rainbow collages

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We turned colorful paper scraps into beautiful rainbow collages.

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Easy ways to go from trendy to educational by School Sparks

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Turn one of the trendiest new craft activities for kids: The Rainbow Loom into something educational too!

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Simple but beautiful abstract rainbow paintings

After reading the book “A Rainbow of My Own” the children explored the process of making these beautiful but simple abstract rainbows!

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Weaving through a rainbow

Using our whole bodies to weave through this beautiful rainbow made by our preschool students.

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Twelve rainbows for kids to create and explore

Twelve wonderful and irresistible rainbow ideas for kids to create and explore!

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Discovery Bottles (P – T)

Find out how discovery bottle can make a wonderful way to boost your experience in science and in play!

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Best of 2012 Blog Hop!

We are off to a new year but before moving on, my fellow bloggers and I are sharing a quick look back at our best posts of 2012. Each activity shared in this collection of activities was chosen by you, the reader, based on the number of visits each post received. Simply click on the […]

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More read it and cook it!

More about cooking with kids in my preschool classroom!

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The 4 R’s: reading, writing, arithmetic, and rainbows

Exploring the “4 R’s” in our preschool classroom as we had fun with rainbow reading, rainbow writing, and rainbow arithmetic!

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Cooking up rainbow toast

Exploring rainbow paint as we made rainbow toast and rainbow pictures! You can see the live version on Fox News too!

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Painting a rainbow of flowers : Lois Ehlert style

Creating Lois Ehlert style bouquets in our preschool classroom today. A great opportunity to explore the illustrations from the books we love!

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Clouds in jars and on the table top too!

This was an intriguing process of exploring clouds and wonderful colors that our preschoolers just loved!

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Paper rainbows and the ten second rule

We used the 10 second rule to help us make our paper strip rainbows today!

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