Exploring raindrops and clouds in preschool

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The weather helper informed us that today’s weather was definitely going to be cold and rainy making it a perfect day to explore raindrops and clouds at our sensory table.

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The itsy bitsy play about spiders in prek

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Our Pre-K class explored the Itsy Bitsy Spider by making an itsy bitsy play. We began by talking about four key words in our song: spout, rain, sun, and spider.

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Weather word wall art in PreK!

Talking about the weather with young children during the month of March!

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Graphing the weather with preschoolers

As I shared previously, graphing with preschoolers is a wonderful way to expand a child’s understanding of their world. The children have been exploring the weather with the use of a graph as well… On the top of the graph, the children answer the question “What is your favorite weather?” By titling the graph with […]

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Rainy day chalk drawings in preschool

Today the children were exploring rain and the goal was to make a rainy day picture with chalk… First they were to create a picture with the chalk and then sprinkle some water, like rain, on top of the chalk drawing… The children were interested in making the rain but they were not grasping how […]

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