DIY Pumpkin Puzzles

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With the help of my preschool students, we came up with our own DIY pumpkin puzzles!

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Sponge block water play puzzles

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I like to use these sponges for art, science, math and they make a fun addition to the water play table. Check out our sponge block water play puzzles!

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A Guidecraft educator review and give-away : Barnyard Activity Boxes

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This month our Guidecraft Educator Team is reviewing and giving away one set of Barnyard Activity Boxes! Come and check it out!

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Learning with leaves

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After gathering a set of leaves, the children explored the leaves by sorting them on our table chart and making leaf confetti!

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Making rainbow fish puzzles in preschool

Rainbow or Flashy Fish Puzzle

As part of our exploration of fish, the children created their own sparkly rainbow fish puzzles!

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Paper name puzzle for preschool

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Exploring our first and last names with a paper name puzzle in preschool!

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Guidecraft educator review and give-away: peekaboo lock boxes

A beautiful set of six peekaboo lock boxes from Guidecraft! Check out the review and see how you can enter to win a set too!

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Snowman sensory puzzle

Having fun exploring snow with this sensory based puzzle and fine motor play process!

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Puzzle box game for toddlers

Wooden puzzle pieces make a wonderful game when you add a Kleenex box!

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Simple ideas for classroom set-up

Here are a few simple but wonderful ideas to help you add a little fun to your preschool classroom set-up this school year!

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Handmade personalized wooden puzzle give-away

Come and enter this super sweet give-away of a handmade personalized wooden puzzle from TLC Woodcrafters!

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Building our very own cars in preschool

A super simple book and idea for exploring the parts of a car with preschool age children!

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Guidecraft review and give-away : Six sorting food trays

Come and enter to win this wonderful set of six Guidecraft sorting trays!

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Guidecraft review and give-away: three amazing puzzles

Come and see how how to enter to win three beautiful Guidecraft puzzles and while you are at it, discover a little in and out-of-the-box toddler puzzle play!

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I love you to pieces heart project

Our Valentine Parent Gifts: Come and see what we made for Valentines and while your here, be sure to enter the giveaway too!

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A Guidecraft super cool puzzle give-away just for you!

These are some beautiful preschool age appropriate puzzles from Guidecraft that I have the pleasure to give away! Come and enter to win!

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