This is a little frog game for preschoolers

Dawn is always so busy making wonderful games and activity boxes for the children at preschool and this is one of her latest games she put together.... She added lili-pads, frogs, and a dice... The children will make up their own rules of how to play the game... The dice is included to promote a little counting but some children may just prefer to hop from lili-pad to lili-pad.  I never know what the children [...]

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Exploring all four seasons in preschool

Through out this week, the children have been exploring the four seasons. For one of our activity boxes, we set out laminated trees and symbols to go on the trees that represent each of the four seasons... Before playing with the four season items, the teacher brainstormed with the children about which season each symbol might represent.. The children then put on their thinking caps and sorted the symbols onto the trees. There wasn't a lot [...]

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Colorful and educational rice bottles for preschoolers

I have been playing around with rice bottles to see what I can do to make them both fun and educational. I love all the different versions of rice bottle, also called "I Spy" bottles, I have seen on other blogs and since I whipped up all that colorful rice a few weeks ago, I have really wanted to make a few of my own.... This bottle of rice has little rubber ducks and fish [...]

Fun with skeleton bones in preschool

Today the children had their Halloween party and there were all kinds of activities the children participated in. These children worked together to build a skeleton. They started with the head and worked their way down the body adding arms and hands and legs. The discovered that each arm and leg and two bones. I was really amazed at how the children were able to figure out where each bone went. By starting with the [...]

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