Simple idea for mixing paint colors in preschool

This simple color mixing idea came from ABC's of Jess's House and I thought it was so cute that I shared it with our teachers and we gave it a try! To start out, gather some plastic zip-lock baggies and two colors of paint you want your children to mix up! Use a permanent marker to draw a shape on the baggie. We went with pumpkins but you could try turkeys, leaves, or really just [...]

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We made paper plate pumpkins in preschool

This simple paper plate pumpkin was fun to make. To get started, all you need is... Two paper plates Tissue paper Paint! First we cut some eyes and a mouth out of one of the paper plates. This really is the most challenging part because you have to show the children how they can fold the plate a little bit to make a starter cut then just freehand cut eyes, mouths, and a nose. On [...]

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We made pumpkin suncatchers in preschool

Mrs. R's kindergarten class made these terrific pumpkins which make wonderful suncatchers! What you will need.... Plastic plate so the pumpkin can be easily removed from the plate after it dries. Orange and black tissue paper Watered down glue Paint brushes How the students made it... The children began by coating a plastic plate with a layer of the watered down glue... Then the children placed orange tissue paper squares on top of the glue. [...]

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Stuffed paper bag pumpkin for preschoolers

The fall is such a fun time of year for preschool crafts. This little paper bag pumpkin is a bit messy but fun! What you will need: Paper lunch bag Craft stick Green and orange paint Green yarn Newspaper What your child will do Paint the paper bag orange Paint the craft stick green Fill the paper bag with newspaper or other type of scrap paper. Stick the painted craft stick into the top of [...]

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