The value of a paper plate pumpkin

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There is something so simple yet rewarding about making paper plate pumpkins. I know, because I sat down with my class and made my own paper plate pumpkin and while making it, I realized that the process was relaxing, simple, creative, and fun…

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Pumpkin seed play dough

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My preschoolers enjoyed spending time exploring pumpkin seeds and playing with pumpkin seed play dough!

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Pumpkin seed soup

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Exploring the wonderful smell of pumpkin spice and feel of pumpkin seeds through the simple water play experience of making pumpkin seed soup!

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Preschool pumpkin play

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Today, we are highlighting a few of our very favorite ways to play with pumpkins.

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Pppppp is for pumpkin painting, pouring, pounding, and playdough play

Exploring pumpkins through all kinds of play in our outdoor classroom!

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Exploring the life cycle of a pumpkin

Exploring the life cycle of a pumpkin and planting our own pumpkin seeds in the window!

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Pumpkin head discovery bottles

Making and exploring pumpkins with our very own DIY pumpkin heads!

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Exploring pumpkin seeds in the preschool classroom

Exploring pumpkin seeds in preschool through sensory play, creative art, and science…

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We made paper plate pumpkin pies in preschool

These paper plate pumpkin pies are simple for preschoolers to make and will make your classroom smell yummy!

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Pumpkin vines on the sticky table

Exploring pumpkin vines in preschool through a variety of activities…

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Magnetic pumpkin play for preschoolers

At play with out pumpkin cans and magnetic pom-poms in preschool!

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Pumpkin patch scavenger hunt in preschool

I created our very own pumpkin patch at preschool so the children could go on a pumpkin scavenger hunt!

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Pumpkin playdough decorating in preschool

Using playdough, our preschoolers decorated their pumpkins and made some wonderful 3 dimensional designs!

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We made pumpkin exploration cups in preschool

We made exploration pumpkin cups in preschool today!

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Simple idea for mixing paint colors in preschool

This simple color mixing idea came from ABC’s of Jess’s House and I thought it was so cute that I shared it with our teachers and we gave it a try! To start out, gather some plastic zip-lock baggies and two colors of paint you want your children to mix up! Use a permanent marker […]

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At play with baby: Pumpkin Play

Baby Clara has a pumpkin… The pumpkin is orange and round. Who is taller? Who is smaller? Clara or the pumpkin on the ground? See more on infant lesson plans here!

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