We made friendly Halloween ghosts in preschool

There are so many different symbols that represent Halloween that are fun to make. I like to keep everything as friendly as possible in the process of letting children have fun with Halloween. The children in the kindergarten class started out by tracing a ghost shape onto black construction paper then they cut the ghost [...]

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Hand and footprint art in the preschool classroom

As a parent, there is nothing more precious to me than hanging up a piece of art my child made out of her own hand or footprint. But as a teacher I sometimes observe hand and footprint art activities and simply wonder where the benefit is to the child.  Don't get me wrong, I think [...]

We made handprint fall trees in preschool!

I got the biggest kick out of watching the children make their handprint fall trees today! The children started by letting the teacher paint their hand and forearm with brown paint... Some of the children giggled when the teacher painted their arms and hands. Other children had to give it some thought before deciding to [...]

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Pumpkin patch play in preschool

All it takes is a little imagination and suddenly you have your very own preschool pumpkin patch! The children explored the pumpkin patch with a few orange pom-poms and green construction paper. The children used clothespins to pick the pumpkins from their patch and then put them in their basket! I thought it was interesting [...]