Writing thank you notes

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Creating thank you notes is a great way to invite students to show appreciation, develop writing skills, and think about what is important to them.

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Framing up the drawing process in preschool

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Exploring the drawing process by drawing in a frame in preschool!

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Signing in to preschool

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Part of our morning routine includes signing in on our clip board. Come and see how the process is going in our preschool classroom.

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Making our mark in the snow

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We are always looking for new and interesting ways to explore snow in our classroom. This one really hits the mark!

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Christmas writing station

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Promoting the spirit of giving along with writing skills and fine motor skills with our Christmas writing station in preschool!

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Gift box chalkboard writing game

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Put a little holiday spirit into your chalkboard easel with this fun chalkboard gift box game for preschoolers!

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The motivation to draw and write is powered by play

Motivation to Draw

You may think that driving a toy jeep around the drive-way and developing the skills to write or draw have no connection but my two-year-old grandson would demonstrate that there is a strong connection between the two…

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L is for lines

Learning about the sound of the letter L was a fun experience as we played games on lines taped to the carpet and traced lines on the light table.

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