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My, oh my! We like to make pies!

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We had two different kinds of pie on our agenda but to start off our pie making experiences, we read the book “I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie.”

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Discover and explore dinosaur eggs

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This week our Discover and Explore team has chosen to share with you simple activities you can do to promote and talk about dinosaurs and fossils. As part of our dinosaur adventures, my students found this very interesting dinosaur nest sitting on the table in our outdoor classroom filled with dinosaur eggs.

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Pumpkin seed play dough

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My preschoolers enjoyed spending time exploring pumpkin seeds and playing with pumpkin seed play dough!

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Building fine motor skills at the apple tree play dough table

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As part of our fun with apples, I thought it would be a good time to set out our homemade red play dough and invite the children to practice their skill of rolling the play dough to make apples for our apple tree…

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Discover and Explore: Arranging a forest

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Today our Explore and Discover theme is the forest and soon, my preschool class will be exploring our forest but for this post, I am sharing a simple idea my grandson and I came up with to explore our woods and to give grandma something to decorate the table.

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Fun props for playdough

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Adding props to playdough is just one more way to invite new interest in the playdough experience. Come and see a few of our props that we add to our playdough throughout the school year!

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Reading Jan Brett and making our own gingerbread playdough

Reading the wonderfully illustrated book “Gingerbread Friends” by Jan Brett and making the best smelling gingerbread playdough ever!

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DIY eyeballs for our play dough spiders

Making spiders with our new DIY googly eyes for play dough!

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Pppppp is for pumpkin painting, pouring, pounding, and playdough play

Exploring pumpkins through all kinds of play in our outdoor classroom!

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DIY play dough magnets for the magnetic board

Keep a hot glue gun around in your preschool classroom and make your own magnets for the magnetic board!

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Play dough color surprise and play dough Ice cream cones

For our part of the play dough pledge, our class cooked up some play dough and then enjoyed a play dough colorful surprise!

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Seeded playdough sensory play

Playing with homemade seeded playdough as we continue our exploration of different types of seeds!

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Everyday fine motor play in preschool

Discover ways to promote fine motor development and the role fine motor skills in handwriting.

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Turkey in the playdough at preschool

Simple idea for loads of fun on turkey day in our preschool!

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Measuring play dough inchworms

We read the book “Inch by Inch” by Leo Lionni then enjoyed a little inchworm play dough measuring fun!

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Pumpkin playdough decorating in preschool

Using playdough, our preschoolers decorated their pumpkins and made some wonderful 3 dimensional designs!

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