Make and play with Venus Fly Traps

Venus Fly Trap

Making and playing with the most unusual yet fun plant: the Venus Fly Trap in preschool!

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Drip-drop nature painting in preschool

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Along with new growth comes an invitation to spend our morning hunting for different colors of nature and creating our own drip-drop nature paintings.

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Creating a mini-greenhouse in preschool

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Creating a mini-greenhouse and planting beans! Now we can watch our beans grow in preschool!

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Exploring life cycles

We’ve been exploring life cycles of plants and animals in preschool. Come along to see how we put an early childhood spin on this topic.

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Exploring the seeds of fall in preschool

The seeds of fall are all around us and they make a wonderful resource for investigation and discovery!

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Looking at our world through a window book

Taking a closer look at things in our world through our nature window books…

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Planting and growing beans in our preschool window

Today we planted beans in a bag! Simple and fun activity to talk about the growth of a bean with your preschoolers.

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Teach Preschool in the news: exploring plants and nature

Exploring flowers and plants with preschoolers!

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