Zz is for a zany zebra

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Exploring the letter Zz by making zebra stripes in preschool!

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ABC discover and explore in preschool

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Today, I thought I would share with you our Alphabet box we will use as part of our circletime introduction to each letter this year! Come and join our ABC & 123 linky too!

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The Amazing Action Alphabet phonics program review and give-away

Enter to win the Amazing Action Alphabet CD and Chart we used in our classroom this past school year!

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A year long study of the alphabet

Exploring priorities as I reflect on my preschool year and the letter of the week.

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E is for elbow in preschool

I have already shared how we integrate the letter of the week with a tactile experience but I wanted to take a minute to elaborate on what we did for the letter E. Trying to find something that the children could glue on the letter E that started with the sound of the letter E […]

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Can your preschooler say “a, a, a”?

The mailbox brought me a little package several months ago and inside was the Amazing Alphabet Action CD and Book written by Esther Kehl.  Along with the book was a little note from Vanessa Kerr who asked me take a listen and see what I thought. Vanessa indicated in her little note that her child […]

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