Exploring shapes on the table in preschool

A terrific and simple activity for promoting shapes sorting, matching, and patterning!

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Exploring weather patterns in preschool

To extend the weather graphing experience over time, the children help to create a weather caterpillar… Each day, the children add a new circle to their weather caterpillar and discuss the patterns in the weather. As you can see below, the weather pattern is “rainy, rainy, cloudy, cloudy” (AABB)… In the younger classes, the teacher […]

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Making AB patterns in preschool

As we continue to explore the letter K this week, the children worked on practicing their skills for identifying and making AB patterns… Introducing patterns first begins with a hands-on type of activity followed by the activity page. The activity pages we use are usually something I have created on my own computer. They are […]

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Patterning with gumdrops in pre-kindergarten!

I have to say out of all the things I have observed the children do over the past several months, Gumdrop Day was one of the most successful and fun days for me to observe and for the pre-kindergarten children to enjoy!  This post is part one of our Gumdrop Day – tomorrow will be […]

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Using lids to play with a purpose in preschool

I have been collecting small lids from milk jugs and juice jugs. I don’t really have a lot but I keep the ones I have saved in a small plastic pickle jar that I saved as well. To the untrained eye, these lids look like… well they just look like lids. But what I see […]

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Using straws to create AB patterns

Making simple AB patterns in preschool.

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