Patterning with hugs and kisses

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We recently introduced the letter Kk, and with Valentine’s day coming soon, we thought it was most appropriate to explore hugs and KISSES.

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Holiday gift tag patterns

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I collected a few different sets of bright and colorful gift tags as an invitation to make simple patterns on our home made pattern board.

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Simple domino math for preschoolers

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The children worked on developing their math skills as they played this simple domino game in prekindergarten.

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Making simple crayon patterns in preschool

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Our Pre-k students explored the process of making simple patterns using crayons and a strip of paper

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DIY Kleenex box (math) games

DIY Math Boxes

Exploring math with these fun do-it-yourself fun math boxes and lots of stuff saved from around the school or house!

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Patterning a garden

Our preschoolers explored and created colorful patterns in our paper flower gardens.

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Patterning with partners and lids

Patterning with partners is a fun and cooperative way to explore important math and language skills.

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Sticky paper turkey dress-up and patterning

Bright and colorful feathers are a fun addition to the preschool classroom. See how we made one turkey happy with this simple and fun sticky paper patterning process.

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More buttons, buttons, buttons

Working on our fine motor skills, patterning, and counting as we had more fun with bright and colorful buttons!

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Making apple patterns in preschool

Making simple patterns with apples on a sentence strip in preschool!

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Making friendship bracelets in preschool

Working together to make new friends as we explored the process of making friendship bracelets in preschool!

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Building block literacy and story telling

Building our own stories through block play in circletime…

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Everyday math play in preschool

Exploring math everyday in the preschool classroom!

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Felt board mitten math in preschool

Exploring a little counting, estimating, and patterning with our felt mittens in preschool.

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Exploring color sticks in preschool

Color mixing, constructing, patterning, and exploring our color Popsicle sticks in our preschool classroom!

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Feather pen painting in preschool

Feather “pen” painting and making feather patterns in our preschool classroom.

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