How to make friends in kindergarten

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How can parents help foster friendships for their Kindergartener when they are not in the classroom themselves? Stop by and see what Sarah has to say!

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The amazing journey of getting Ready for Kindergarten! : a book study and give-away

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Ready for Kindergarten! is a comprehensive, yet clear and easy-to-follow book but I am a blogger who LOVES pictures! As a way to extend several (of the many) topics found throughout the book, my fellow bloggers are participating in a journey through Ready for Kindergarten! by expanding on and illustrating at least one topic of their choice through their own beautiful ideas and photos. And a give-away too!

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Ready for Kindergarten

Ready for Kindergarten offers simple to follow guidance and tips for where to focus your energy, how to support the learning that naturally takes place, and how to make the most of your child’s pre-kindergarten year.

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Remarkable learning through ordinary play

Remarkable learning is happening through ordinary play but we can often miss it. See how to foster the remarkable through ordinary play.

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Helping your child get ready for full day kindergarten

Tips for getting your child ready for a full day in Kindergarten.

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The chances in preschool

Giving young children the chance to grow….

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Teach Preschool in Parenting Magazine

A big surprise to see the Teach Preschool Link in Parenting Magazine!

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How you can help young children go ‘beyond coping’ when it comes to stress

This wonderful Bam Radio discussion titled, “Stressed Out Kids, Parents, Teachers, How to Cope” is brought to you by Rae Pica, Dr. Megan R. Gunnar, Ellen Galinsky, and me.  I could really sit and listen to these ladies talk all day. Just listening to the wealth of information they bring to the table helps me to relax! […]

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Integrating technology into the preschool classroom

I must admit that as much as I excel in the use of technology when it comes to my own professional needs, I am terrible at incorporating technology into the classroom. But lately, I have been observing and evaluating the use of technology and its importance to the preschool children of today… My daughter has […]

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Five simple tips for summer time learning

Today, Indiana Fox 59 Morning News invited me to come and share some tips for keeping the learning ongoing during the summer time. Some of you may be thinking “Hey, its summer so let the kids chill!”  I agree, kids should spend time relaxing and enjoying their summer but there are ways to keep the learning […]

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On becoming a grandma for the very first time

Becoming a grandma is an experience that only after becoming a grandma can you begin to appreciate. Bright and early this morning, my daughter had our first grand baby – a bouncing baby boy…. We arrived at the hospital at 1:00 in the morning and by 8:00 in the morning he was here! He is […]

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