Easter egg parachute game

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Our Easter egg parachute game in preschool was the most fun ever!!

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Parachute basics: The hello game

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The parachute is a wonderful way to introduce your students on how to work together to achieve a common goal. Today, my students played the hello game as we learned the basics of how to use a parachute

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Outdoor fall parachute play in preschool

Enjoying the last few pretty days of fall outdoors with this fun parachute game in preschool.

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Parachute play in preschool

Parachute play is a great way to promote teamwork and to get those large muscles moving. The children gather around the parachute and hold on to one of the parachute handles.  There are more children then there are handles on the parachute so the children who are not holding a handle become the ball fetchers. […]

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