Teach Preschool in the news: Tools for waterplay

I was in the news again and this time my special guest was Addison! Addison helped me share a few fun tools you can use for water play... Noodles Foam noodles are often found in the swimming pool but they can also be used for other types of play and learning. Next time you are at pool, try cutting up some noodles and doing these activities. Addison shows how to thread the noodles to make [...]

We made a paper plate bumble bee in preschool

The children at preschool made a paper plate bumble bee... The children started by using yellow paint and a paint roller to turn their paper plate a bright yellow... Then the children painted on some black bumblebee stripes with a paint brush. Notice how they used different types of painting tools as this process progressed. Using different tools for painting keeps the process interesting... Time to add on the bumblebee head! The children used their [...]

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Painting with a bouquet of flowers in preschool

Did you save the flower bouquet for preschool? I have shared how the kindergarten class made a flower canvas from a flower bouquet that was just about ready to be thrown out. Here are some additional activities to use up those flowers from the flower bouquet as well... While at one table, the children were making a flower canvas, at another table the children were painting with flowers... For this table, I clipped the stems of [...]

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On becoming an artist in preschool

I have recently moved my studio into a room of our house. This is where I "think preschool!" I love to make the room look "preschoolish." The room is way off to itself so my husband doesn't care what I do in here. I have most of the furniture I will need in my studio but I need some paintings on the wall. I thought I would experiment with doing some of my favorite kind of art. [...]

Swat paint printing in preschool

Any time I try a new idea I can't help but get carried away. These were just as fun to make as they were to paint with. Yesterday I shared how to make swatters with foam squares and straws. Today we used foam squares, foam stickers, and craft sticks. Before decorating each foam square with craft foam stickers, we stapled the squares to a craft stick. Then it was time to try a little printing [...]

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