Take the plunge into plunger painting!

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Have you taken the plunge into plunger painting yet? Don’t want to miss out!

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Inspiring outdoor playscapes

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Sometimes, it is hard to think of ideas to spruce up your outdoor play area.   With summer just around the corner, I wanted to share some child-friendly backyards and outdoor playscapes that I find to be so inspiring… Turn your screened-in porch into an outdoor studio If you have been following us for awhile, you […]

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Dandelion blow painting

Dandelion Blow Painting

This year we had more dandelions than I have ever seen surrounding our wooded area so we put all those dandelions to good work in our preschool classroom.

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Drip-drop nature painting in preschool

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Along with new growth comes an invitation to spend our morning hunting for different colors of nature and creating our own drip-drop nature paintings.

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Five tips for taking preschool journals outside

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Come and see these five tips shared for taking preschool journals outside.

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Fine motor acorn play

Collecting, counting, and tweezing acorns in the summer time – isn’t this supposed to be a fall activity?

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Simple easels for outdoor painting

Make your own simple easels to take outdoors for some outdoor easel painting…

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At play with baby: water tub play

There are so many types of toddler development going on with time spent in a little water play!

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Getting babies and toddlers outside to play

This week Childhood 101 is celebrating “Get Outdoors and Play” and that is one thing my nieces and nephews love to do.  There are all kinds of fun things infants and toddlers can do outside… My little niece Clara is having a ball swinging in her backyard… If this doesn’t look like fun, then I […]

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Chalk paint and print-making with preschoolers and toddlers

For those of you following along, you know that I am on a quest to introduce the concept of painting to my little nephew Wy. I could make Wy sit down with me, hold his hand, and make him paint a picture but that is a sure fire way to get him to NEVER want […]

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Preschoolers should go outside everyday

Whether the weather is cold or hot where you live, it is important for preschoolers to get outside to exercise, explore, play, and enjoy some fresh air. Outdoor play fosters positive opportunties for growth and development Cognitively: preschoolers are exposed to new words and ideas such as cold, hot, and warm; trees, leaves, flowers, and […]

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