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Let’s head outdoors and check out nature!

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Exploring the things we can do while going out on a nature walk with our nature checklists!

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The water play kitchen

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A fun summer of water play all set up in our out door water play kitchen!

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Summertime play essentials

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Summer break has officially begun and we are featuring all the essentials for summertime play.

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Inspiring outdoor playscapes

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Sometimes, it is hard to think of ideas to spruce up your outdoor play area.   With summer just around the corner, I wanted to share some child-friendly backyards and outdoor playscapes that I find to be so inspiring… Turn your screened-in porch into an outdoor studio If you have been following us for awhile, you […]

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Exploring our DIY rainbow rocks in preschool

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I enjoy filling our outdoor classroom with all kinds of interesting things for the children to explore and one of my latest additions was a set of DIY rainbow rocks.

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Bubbles, bubbles

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Bubbles are the quintessential children’s toy!  They are inexpensive, easy to find, and can provide hours of entertainment.  Bubbles are a wonderful multi-sensory activity.  Today I’m sharing 10 ways to explore bubbles in your home or classroom… Let’s begin with the bubble blowing basics.  You will need some sort of bubble solution.  You can buy […]

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Let’s go on an up walk

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We took an “up” walk to see if we could spot anything stuck in the trees…

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Making our own very busy spiders and spider webs

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Spiders are quite common around our preschool and so we spent a little time reading about and making our own very busy spiders.

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Discover and Explore: Arranging a forest

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Today our Explore and Discover theme is the forest and soon, my preschool class will be exploring our forest but for this post, I am sharing a simple idea my grandson and I came up with to explore our woods and to give grandma something to decorate the table.

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The outdoor classroom

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The outdoor classroom is an exciting place for exploration and play. Come and see how we have transformed our space into an amazing learning environment.

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Exploring textured water play

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When a preschooler is in the “play zone” it is best to let him explore without interruption! Exploring textured water play is just the ticket for getting your child into the play zone!

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The motivation to draw and write is powered by play

Motivation to Draw

You may think that driving a toy jeep around the drive-way and developing the skills to write or draw have no connection but my two-year-old grandson would demonstrate that there is a strong connection between the two…

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Dandelion blow painting

Dandelion Blow Painting

This year we had more dandelions than I have ever seen surrounding our wooded area so we put all those dandelions to good work in our preschool classroom.

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Around the world | an Earth day game

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We took our Earth day ball outdoors on a bright and sunny day and played a game called, “Around the World!”

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Catch a falling snowflake

Have you ever taken the time to truly examine a snowflake? That’s exactly what we did when we tried to catch a falling snowflake in preschool.

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A few minutes outdoors on a cold winter day helps keep the winter blues away

Dreading those cold winter days? See how just spending a few minutes outdoors can make your whole day a better, happier experience.

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