Marble play in a Christmas ball

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Now that I have some time at home with my grandsons, we took out a few marbles and our Christmas balls for a little creativity and play.

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Winter in a bottle |A kid made Christmas ornament

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To capture the essence of winter, my students created their very own winter in a bottle and turned it into an ornament as one of our parent gifts this year.

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Cardboard collage ornaments

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We’ve been busy decorating our classroom this week and these cardboard collage ornaments were just thing our little Christmas tree needed!

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Christmas ornament math

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Christmas time provides so many opportunities to explore unique materials. We used Christmas ball ornaments to explore basic math concepts.

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Designing our own shiny gem ornament graphs

We added a little sparkle to the graphing process! Young children exploring the graphing process with the use of gems and rulers.

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Glittery glue ornaments in preschool

Making glittery glue ornaments with our left-over glitter in preschool…

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We made melted snowman ornaments in preschool

These melted snowmen ornaments are simple and quick to make!

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