Name Recognition

Daily attendance with a me stick puppet

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Making our own stick puppets for our daily attendance board in PreK!

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The name game

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We’ve all heard of the “Name Game” song, but this is a fun large motor game with lots of different possibilities!

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Signing in to preschool

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Part of our morning routine includes signing in on our clip board. Come and see how the process is going in our preschool classroom.

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Concentrating on me!

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This is a simple game of concentration that gave the children another chance to find themselves and each other!

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Window tracing on a sunny day

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Exploring our names and other shapes through window tracing!

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Paper name puzzle for preschool

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Exploring our first and last names with a paper name puzzle in preschool!

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Our names in watercolor

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A child’s name is very special and this simple watercolor activity turned out to be a fun and colorful way for our students to focus on the letters in their name.

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Feather tip salt tray writing

Exploring the salt tray writing experience with our turkey feathers!

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Reading Chrysanthemum and exploring our own perfect names

Explore the wonderful book “Chrysanthemum” by Kevin Henkes then find out that you have the perfect name too through these fun and simple activities!

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Handmade personalized wooden puzzle give-away

Come and enter this super sweet give-away of a handmade personalized wooden puzzle from TLC Woodcrafters!

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The value of name recognition in preschool

See how our names are an interactive part of our daily preschool classroom activities.

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Digging up the letters of our name in preschool

Combining rice with a name search makes for a wonderful learning and playful experience!

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Literacy Beginnings | Chapter 20 | Names

The most powerful and effective way for children to begin learning the complex process of learning about letters is by writing their own names.” ~Carol Lyons Retrieved from Literacy Beginnings on July 25, 2011 Today I am sharing the highlights from Chapter 20 Names: A Powerful resource for Literacy Learning by Pinnell and Fountas. This […]

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Who has come to preschool today?

Part of the morning greeting routine in this two year old class includes a creative way to take attendance. On the wall the teacher has two large laminated poster boards. One of the poster boards says “Our Class.” All the children’s names are on this board when they arrive to school each day. The other […]

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Learning to recognize our names all day long

Young children can learn to master their names with a “name-rich” environment.

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A simple name writing activity to do with preschoolers

Practice this simple name writing activity with your preschooler! In the middle of a room full of play and noise, I happened to notice a group of children gathered around their teacher doing a little name recognition and writing. As each child would get a turn, the teacher would ask if he or she wanted […]

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