Musical Instruments

Roll up piano keyboard for the music center

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Having a full piano or even a large keyboard isn’t always possible unless you have something as cool as this rollup piano in preschool!

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DIY rainbow loom musical instruments

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At just about every store I walk into, there is a set of these brightly colored rubber bands designed for a loom. See how we put our rubber bands to good use in our preschool classroom!

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Xylophone painting

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A xylophone is simple in design and can lead to an exploration in sound, color, shape, and of course – music.

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DIY musical strummies

Reading the wonderful children’s book, “Red and Yellow’s Noisy Night” and making our very own DIY Strummies!

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An exploration of sound

Exploring our sense of hearing with our sound discovery table!

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Making craft stick xylophones in preschool

Making our very own craft stick xylophones in preschool.

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Exploring xylophones in preschool

Exploring the process of playing xylophones and creating our own xylophones with jars of water in preschool.

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