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10 fantastic fingerplays and songs for the holidays

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We are sharing 10 of our favorite fun and fantastic holiday songs and fingerplays!

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The itsy bitsy play about spiders in prek

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Our Pre-K class explored the Itsy Bitsy Spider by making an itsy bitsy play. We began by talking about four key words in our song: spout, rain, sun, and spider.

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Itsy bitsy spider water play

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We have been singing and reading about the Itsy Bitsy Spider and my oh my this is truly a fun song or rhyme to extend into some Itsy Bitsy waterplay!

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15 Fabulous fingerplays and facts

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Having a set of fingerplays in your toolbox of teaching skills is a must do for anyone working in an early childhood environment.

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Lots of drops

My students loved engineering with gum drops but I missed a key opportunity in the process of leading my students to explore lots of drops! Come and learn with me how kids really do have the best ideas, we just need to learn to listen to them.

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Apple tree fingerplay in preschool

Combine the flannel board and fingerplay in your preschool classroom!

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The things we can do in preschool

Today was our very first day in preschool and we started off the year by exploring the things we ‘can’ do in preschool…

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More with dinosaurs in preschool

We needed a quick song to sing with the children today so my colleague and I begin brainstorming dinosaur words that we could use to go with music we were already familiar with… We had a few songs we had found in books but they were too long or complicated for us to actually remember […]

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Give the gift of music and language learning to your preschoolers

No Time Like the Present: How and Why to Give the Gift of Language Learning to Your Child(ren) Written by my special guest Carolina Gomez. Learning a language is enriching at any age, but it is more challenging when we are adults. Children are the ones who benefit the most simply because there is a special window […]

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Counting ten red apples for preschool math

Sometimes, coming up with a math component in your preschool lesson plans can seem rather daunting but there are many tools you can use for helping design fun and inviting mathematical activities.  One simple way to get the ideas flowing is to look for children’s books that promote counting and other mathematical concepts. “Ten Red […]

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All about me: I am special in preschool

Play this fun little hand mirror game with your preschoolers and sing “I am Special!”

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Ribbon painting in preschool

One of the things I love most is to build an entire day around music or even build an entire day around one single preschool song. When I write songs, I am always visualizing the many amazing things that can be done with that song. Today I added the Ribbon Song to my fingerplay blog […]

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Presenting simple songs and fingerplays to young children

I wrote this article for Teaching Tiny Tots a few months ago on teaching simple songs to preschoolers.  In this article, I talk about using the S-I-M-P-L-E method when introducing simple songs and fingerplays to young children. Singing and Chanting the Itsy Bitsy Spider!

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The seed begins in the garden

A fun song for growing seeds… The seed growsAs your child sings this song, have the child bend low to the ground and as the seed grows, have the child stretch up to grow too! The Seed Begins in the Garden The seed begins in the garden Tiny and small But then it grows, and […]

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Sing it again in preschool

A couple of days after presenting the ‘Simple Songs for Preschoolers’ workshop, I took the opportunity to visit one of the schools. The teachers didn’t know I was coming, I just dropped in. What a thrill it was to come into this class and find them trying out some of the new songs they had […]

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Simple songs for preschoolers

Last week I had the opportunity to present the music I have written with two groups of teachers. These two meetings were a good practice run for helping me to prepare for presenting the music at the Indiana State IAEYC conference in April. I came to the school early to make sure things were all set […]

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