Wall art in preschool inspired by ‘Ain’t gonna paint no more’

The book Ain’t Gonna Paint No More inspired us to create a beautiful mural on our classroom wall.

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International mud day: making rainbow mud paint

The point of international mud day is to get messy. Had it been a weekend where I could just let loose and have a mud jamboree, perhaps I would have but I just didn’t have one spare minute this week. I did do some experimenting yesterday and I hope you will enjoy this mildly messy International […]

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Kicking off summer at preschool with a friendship mural

Each class at preschool kicked off the summer with a large group friendship mural… Every mural was different… A large group mural is a great way to promote friendship. As the children participated in making their murals they talked with each other and spent time working together side-by-side to achieve a common goal… Some of […]

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