Morning Greeting

Daily attendance with a me stick puppet

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Making our own stick puppets for our daily attendance board in PreK!

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Question of the day

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Exploring the process of asking the “Question of the Day” in my preschool classroom!

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Signing in to preschool

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Part of our morning routine includes signing in on our clip board. Come and see how the process is going in our preschool classroom.

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A daily review of the letters of the alphabet in preschool

As part of our morning greeting, we take a few short minutes to review the letters of the alphabet. When we review the letters of the alphabet, we sometimes sing the traditional alphabet song. Using the alphabet song helps the children remember the order of the letters. As an adult, I still use the alphabet […]

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Who has come to preschool today?

Part of the morning greeting routine in this two year old class includes a creative way to take attendance. On the wall the teacher has two large laminated poster boards. One of the poster boards says “Our Class.” All the children’s names are on this board when they arrive to school each day. The other […]

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Morning greeting and calendar and weather time in preschool

I always start my day in preschool off with a morning greeting time which includes exploring the calendar, weather, seasons, and a brief review of basic concepts. Let me show you some of the ideas that can be included in a simple morning greeting time. Sing the Hello Song! I love to sing the Hello […]

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