Marvelous mittens

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The Mitten is one of our favorite winter stories to share with our preschool children. Today I’m sharing a few activities to go along with the book.

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Printing with bubble mitts

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The texture and the designs that can be made with bubble wrap is wonderful. Come and check out our printing with homemade bubble mitts.

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We explored mitten weaving in preschool

Exploring the process of mitten weaving and extending our understanding of where mittens come from.

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At play with mittens like the Three Little Kittens

Reading and reenacting the Three Little Kittens through fine motor play!

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Felt board mitten math in preschool

Exploring a little counting, estimating, and patterning with our felt mittens in preschool.

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Retelling our own version of the mitten book in preschool

Our own retelling and acting out of the mitten book in preschool!

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Snowman and mitten activity boxes for preschool

Our activity boxes this week consisted of snowmen and mittens… In the snowman activity box we placed paper plate snowmen shapes and small felt cut-outs for the childrern to add as buttons, eyes, nose, scarves… The snowman activity boxes (just as we do each week) were then placed on classroom shelves for the children to […]

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Planning marvelous mitten activities for preschool

Creating a preschool lesson plan on mittens.

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