We made spilt milk in preschool

  The book titled "It Looked Like Spilt Milk" by Charles G. Shaw has always been one of my favorite books to share in preschool. Today, the children read the book then we made spilt milk pictures... In one of our classes, the children used a bottle filled with white paint to make their pictures. The children simply squirted the paint onto the paper. I think the paint had been watered down a bit... This [...]

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A little milky science in preschool

I have seen many bloggers post this simple activity to try with milk and we finally got the opportunity to try it out in our school... First, you need to gather some milk, food coloring, cotton swabs, and dish washing liquid. Then begin by pouring the milk into a wide, shallow container. Next, carefully add drops of food color in strategic places around your dish of milk. Add the drops carefully so they don't splatter [...]

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