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What started out to be a few days off from blogging turned into a couple of months of getting rest and then trying to reorganize my blog. Please accept my apologies for my absence. I am hoping I will be back up and running without any glitches now but technology has a way of getting the best of me lately - so if you should run into any glitches or find my site offline here [...]

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I just love this

Some days, as I go to write a new post or browse through the photos of my class, I say to myself -  "I just love this!"  I love writing my blog, I love pouring through all the photos, I love teaching my class, I love being creative, I love the feedback my readers give me, and I love the chance to share it all with you. It isn't always easy, but no really good [...]

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I am going to be a big brother

Yep, grandson number two is coming soon! I have been spending time with my grandson this summer and very soon, we will be joined by his little brother! One little blessing in my lap and another little blessing on the way! Having shared this with you leads me to also tell you that with so much going on right now in my life (helping my daughter as she prepares for her new baby, helping to [...]

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