math bags

The math box

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Today’s simple math process was a fun way to put our math tokens to good use in our preschool classroom!

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I-Spy math bag game

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Today I’m sharing a fun visual discrimination math bag activity that our children loved!

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Preparing for the first day of preschool

Just a few final touches and then all ready for the first day of preschool.

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Simple math and graphing in preschool

The children in my early childhood classroom love estimating, counting, and graphing our math tokens!

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Exploring the estimation station in pre-k

Exploring estimation and counting with our fun new estimation station in pre-k!

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Making math glue boxes in preschool

We integrated a little math into our art process as we made math glue boxes in our preschool classroom…

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Building basic math skills in preschool: Sorting our math tokens

A wonderful use of all the math tokens we have been collecting throughout the year in our preschool classroom!

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Our first math day in preschool

Sharing and graphing our math tokens in preschool.

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