Hurrah for math in preschool!

Our students love to fill their math bags with little objects from home then share them with the class. We get in all kinds of interesting math tokens to explore including lids, rocks, balls, small toys, and the list goes on. After sharing all of the many interesting tokens the children bring in, they all become part of our class loose parts math collections. I have written lots about our math bags in the past [...]

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The number line game!

The number line is a very simple game that invites the children to use their whole bodies. As you know, young children learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process and this definitely gets them involved. To begin our number line game, the children each picked a number card. I used tape to create a number line on the floor and we placed the number "0" on the first line on the floor [...]

More with math bags

Over the past four years, I have blogged off and on about our math bags so I thought I would bring a little update to our use of the math bags this year. To begin with, each of our students have their own math bag that they take home each week and fill with five or so small items (called math tokens) that they have found around the house... As a group, the children share [...]

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